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Buy cheap wood pellets in bulk with quality guarantee. A production and a supply capacity of over 10000 tons every month. Packaging in 15kg bags, 1000kg big bags or free loading. Customized packaging service with clients logo available upon client request. Order ENplus wood pellets now by messaging us via whatsApp or directly through email message.

A1 Wood Pellets Description

In the quest for sustainable and eco-friendly heating solutions, A1 wood pellets have emerged as a popular choice among homeowners. These high-quality pellets offer efficient and environmentally responsible heating options for a wide range of applications.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pellet_fuel

What is A1 wood pellets?

Class A1 wood pellets is the premium quality used in private household boilers or stoves. A1 pellets produce the least amount of ash and fulfill the highest requirements. Class A2 is used in larger installations and produces more ash. Industrial pellets are not called “ENplus”, but can be certified as “EN B”.

Key Features of A1 Pellets

– Known for their exceptional energy efficiency. They have a consistently low moisture content (typically below 10%), which means more of the pellet’s energy is available for heating when burned. This high energy content makes them an efficient and cost-effective heating choice.

– Produce minimal ash during combustion. This characteristic simplifies maintenance and reduces the frequency of cleaning in pellet stoves or boilers, compared to lower-quality pellets.

– When burned in appropriately designed and maintained pellet stoves or boilers, A1 wood pellets produce minimal emissions. This is due to their low moisture content and uniform composition, resulting in a cleaner and more eco-friendly heating process.

– Manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring a uniform size and shape. This consistency allows for smooth feeding into pellet heating systems, reducing the risk of blockages and improving overall efficiency.

– Contribute to sustainable forestry practices. Pellets are often produced using wood residues and byproducts that would otherwise go to waste. Responsible forestry management ensures that the source of these pellets is continually replenished. https://sgwoodab.com/product/hardwood-charcoal/

– While ENplus A1 certified wood pellets may have a slightly higher upfront cost compared to lower-quality pellets, their superior energy content and efficiency make them a cost-effective choice over the long term.

Advantages of Using Wood Pellets

ENplus A1 quality wood pellets are sourced from responsibly managed forests and utilize wood residues that would otherwise be discarded. This eco-friendly approach reduces the demand for fossil fuels and minimizes carbon emissions, making them a sustainable heating option.

Their low moisture content and consistent composition make A1 quality wood pellets highly energy-efficient. This means more heat is produced for each pellet burned, resulting in greater heating efficiency and cost savings. https://sgwoodab.com/product/pellets-de-madera-a1/

ENplus A1 certified wood pellets produce minimal emissions, making them an environmentally conscious choice. Their clean combustion process results in reduced air pollution and better indoor air quality.

ENplus wood pellets are easy to store, handle, and feed into pellet stoves or boilers. Their low ash production means less frequent cleaning and maintenance, providing convenience for homeowners.

wood pellets ENplus A1 adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring consistent size, shape, and quality. This uniformity is essential for trouble-free operation in pellet heating systems.

A1 Wood Pellets specifications

Quality:  A1 Pellets
Diameter (mm): 6mm – 8mm
Ash (%): ≤ 0,7
Moisture (%): ≤ 10
Packaging: 15 kg, 16 kg, 25 kg, Big Bags
Length (mm): 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40
The heat of combustion (MJ / kg): ≥ 16,5
Abrasion / dust (%): ≤ 1
Hardness (%): ≥ 97,7
Bulk density (kg/m3): ≥ 600

Supply Ability: 10000 tons / month

Efficient Heating with A1 Pellets

ENplus wood pellets are designed to provide efficient and consistent heating for homes and businesses. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Feeding the Pellet System: ENplus wood pellets are stored in a hopper adjacent to the pellet stove or boiler. An automated auger or screw mechanism feeds the pellets into the combustion chamber as needed. https://sgwoodab.com/product/alfalfa-pellets/
  2. Combustion: The pellets are ignited in the combustion chamber. Precise control of air intake and pellet feed ensures optimal combustion, maximizing heat production and minimizing emissions.
  3. Heat Distribution: The heat produced during combustion can be distributed through various methods, such as forced-air systems, hot water radiators, or underfloor heating. This flexibility allows homeowners to choose the most suitable heating distribution method for their needs.

Wood Pellets Packaging And Storage

Wood pellets are typically packaged in durable, moisture-resistant bags, often made of plastic or woven materials, to protect them from environmental elements. These bags come in various sizes, from small consumer bags to larger bulk bags for industrial use. The most widely preferred packaging is 15kg. When storing wood pellets, it’s crucial to keep them in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent moisture absorption, which can compromise their quality and combustion efficiency. Proper storage also includes protecting pellets from pests, such as rodents and insects.  https://sgwoodab.com/product/wood-chips/


Wood Pellets Price

The price of  ENplus A1 wood pellets depends on several factors, the first being the company or country where you intend to buy from, the second factor is the packaging, 15kg bags is more expensive that 1000kg bags or free loading in flexi tanks. Wood pellets cost between $150 to $350 per ton


Wood Pellets for Animal Bedding

In the realm of animal care, bedding plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being and comfort of our furry friends. ENplus A1 Wood pellets, traditionally recognized for heating purposes, have emerged as an eco-friendly and efficient option for animal bedding. Let’s delve into the reasons why wood pellets are gaining popularity in this domain.

First and foremost, wood pellets are a sustainable choice, aligning with the growing emphasis on environmental consciousness. Made from compressed sawdust and wood shavings, these pellets utilize wood by-products that would otherwise go to waste. By opting for wood pellets as animal bedding, you contribute to a circular economy, promoting the responsible use of resources.

Moreover, wood pellets offer superior absorbency, a crucial factor in maintaining a clean and odor-free environment for animals. The natural absorbent properties of wood help control moisture, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and unpleasant smells. This is particularly beneficial in settings such as animal shelters, farms, or households with multiple pets.

The dust-free nature of  A1 wood pellets is another compelling reason for their suitability in animal bedding. Dust can be a respiratory irritant for both animals and humans, especially in enclosed spaces. Wood pellets, being low in dust content, provide a healthier living environment by minimizing respiratory issues and allergies among animals and caretakers alike.

Additionally, the pellets’ compressed form allows for efficient storage and transportation. Unlike bulkier traditional bedding materials, wood pellets are compact and easy to handle. This not only simplifies logistics but also reduces the overall carbon footprint associated with packaging and transportation.


Purchase Process

If You have any questions about ENplus A1 pellets , price, availability feel free to send us a message so that we can quote. We supply more that 5000 tons every month to several clients. One of the key advantages working with us is fast and timely delivery. Once your order is placed , we immediately package and proceed with the shipping as we have standby trucks available ready to move to your address.


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