Hardwood Charcoal

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Hardwood Charcoal

Our Hardwood Charcoal is 100% natural with no additives, preservatives and is made with traditional method using brick and clay kiln.
With long burning time and high energy value, less ash and easy to ignite, Hardwood Charcoal is best for BBQ and grilling purposes. our charcoal is made from Oak, walnut, ash, and fruit woods

 Specifications of Hardwood Charcoal

  • Fixed Carbon : >80%
  • Moisture : <4%
  • Ash : <2%
  • Volatile Matter : <15%
  • Heat : 7000 kcal min.
  • Fraction Size : 40 – 200mm
  • Burning Time : >3hrs
  • Smoking : No
  • Sparking : No

When it leaves the factory our Natural Lumpwood Charcoal is totally free from fines, dust and small particles as it is fully screened before packing.

We pack 20 to 80mm (CONSUMER GRADE) size charcoal in bags up to 10kg and 40 to 150mm (RESTAURANT GRADE) size in 10 to 20kg bags.

Strong multi-layer Kraft, polypaper or polypropylene bags are available for printing private labels; attractive and appealing designs are also available under generic brand names.


  • Product made from natural hardwoods not threatening any delicate ecosystem
  • Burns hotter and lasts longer than any other hardwood charcoal
  • Excellent fuel for cooking slowly over a low heat or hot grilling any type of food
  • Our blend of hardwood species gives a subtle and pleasant flavor to all meats and vegetables cooked
  • Easy to light
  • Carefully screened in either RESTAURANT or BBQ grade


Uses Of Hardwood Charcoal


Hardwood charcoal, derived from the slow-burning of wood, has a wide range of versatile uses across various domains. With its unique properties and high carbon content, hardwood charcoal has become a popular choice for both domestic and industrial applications.

In the realm of cooking and grilling, hardwood charcoal is highly prized for its ability to provide intense and even heat. Its long-lasting burn time and high temperatures make it ideal for achieving the perfect sear on steaks, imparting a smoky flavor to grilled vegetables, or creating mouth-watering barbecued meats. Many professional chefs and avid home cooks prefer hardwood charcoal over other fuel sources due to its superior performance and ability to infuse food with a distinctive smoky taste.

Beyond these applications, hardwood charcoal has been utilized for centuries in industrial settings. Its high carbon content makes it an excellent reducing agent in metallurgy, aiding in the extraction of metals from their ores. Additionally, it is employed in the manufacturing of gunpowder, certain chemical products, and as a heat source in foundries and forges.



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