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Welcome to SG Wood AB, your trusted partner in sustainable heating solutions. At SG Wood AB, we take pride in being a leading supplier of premium wood pellets, wood briquettes, dried firewood, and alfalfa hay. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, we cater to your diverse needs for eco-friendly and efficient energy sources.

As a dedicated provider in the industry, SG Wood AB stands at the forefront of delivering top-tier products. Our ENplus A1 wood pellets, known for their high heat output and minimal ash content, redefine the standards of excellence in heating. The wood briquettes we offer are crafted with precision, ensuring optimal combustion efficiency and a clean, eco-conscious burn.

In addition to our extensive range of heating products, we supply dried firewood that meets the highest standards of quality. Whether for residential heating or commercial applications, our firewood provides a reliable and sustainable solution.

At SG Wood AB, we go beyond heating solutions to offer premium alfalfa hay. Sourced with care and dedication, our alfalfa hay meets the nutritional needs of your livestock.

Choose SG Wood AB for your heating and forage needs, and experience the synergy of quality, sustainability, and reliability in every product we deliver.

Our Story
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Delivering our wood products to the EU and the world with ease as we have acquired a lot of experience within the years so place your orders and relax , we will do the rest till your order is received at your door.

We are well known for our supply services which meets our various clients requests , Supplying wood produst at your door has been our priority as we have been working for several year and have gained alot of experience which makes everything easy for us. We offer customized packaging and loading to ease clients on their requirements.

Our happy team is always available to give you the best services.