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Best dried oak firewood logs suppler in trucks with delivery to your given address with CIF or DAP terms etc. Oak trees are very slow-growing and don’t reseed readily. It is one of the most recognizable trees . Oak wood is dark brown and it is a hardwood.

Kiln Dried Oak firewood Description

What Is Kiln Dried Oak Firewood?

Kiln dried oak firewood refers to oak wood that has undergone a controlled drying process in a kiln. The purpose of this process is to reduce the moisture content within the wood to optimal levels for burning. Here’s a breakdown of what kiln dried oak logs entails:

1. Kiln Drying Process:

  • Kiln drying involves placing oak logs in a specially designed kiln, which is a large oven-like chamber.
  • The temperature and humidity inside the kiln are carefully controlled to facilitate the drying process.

Kiln Drying Process

2. Moisture Content:

  • The primary goal of kiln drying is to lower the moisture content of the oak wood. Typically, the moisture content is reduced to around 10-20%.
  • Lower moisture content enhances the combustion efficiency of the firewood.

3. Reduced Risk of Mold and Pests:

  • Kiln drying eliminates any existing mold, fungi, or pests in the wood. The controlled environment inhibits the growth of these elements.
  • This ensures that the firewood is clean and free from potential health hazards.

4. Clean Burning:

  • Kiln-dried oak wood burns more cleanly compared to unseasoned or air-dried wood.
  • Reduced moisture means less smoke, minimal creosote buildup, and a more efficient burn.

Clean Burning


5. Convenience:

  • Kiln dried logs is ready for immediate use. It doesn’t require additional seasoning or drying time, making it a convenient choice for those who want a hassle-free burning experience.

6. Optimal Performance:

  • The controlled drying process enhances the burning properties of the oak wood. It ignites easily, burns longer, and produces hotter flames.
  • The resulting fire is more efficient and provides a better overall experience.

7. Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use:

  • Kiln-dried oak firewood is suitable for both indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. Its cleanliness and efficient burn make it versatile for various settings.

8. Premium Quality:

  • Firewood that undergoes the kiln drying process is considered premium quality. It meets higher standards in terms of cleanliness, efficiency, and performance.


Experience the warmth and charm of Oak dried firewood delivered anywhere in the continental Europe and United Kingdom. Whether you prefer it in boxes, racks, or bulk packages, our complimentary firewood delivery service is available in all Europe, United Kingdom and Asia.


Oak firewood stands out as a top choice for fire burners, cherished for its low emissions, easy ignition, and extended burn time. Beyond its functional benefits, the traditional aroma of burning oak makes it ideal for both indoor fireplaces and outdoor firepits. Additionally, it imparts a distinctive flavor when used for cooking.

Oak firewood’s natural density provides resistance to fungal attacks, ensuring a clean burn. Our Cutting Edge Kiln Dried process eliminates excess moisture, preventing mold and pests.

How To Use OAK logs?

Versatility defines Oak logs, known for its slow-burning quality, impressive density, and primal allure. Ideal for outdoor fire pits, indoor fireplaces, and wood-burning stoves, it guarantees a consistently warm and comfortable environment.

For an extended burn, pair Oak wood with our Extended Burn dried Oak logs and Uncut Rounds to keep your fire aglow throughout the night.

Something To Consider Before You Buy Dried Oak Logs

While seasoned oak firewood is a common find, our commitment is to provide only Cutting Edge Kiln-Dried premium oak wood. Avoiding the issues of rot, fungus, mold, and pests associated with seasoned wood, our firewood guarantees a cleaner burn.


  • Ignition: Starting a fire with oak logs is relatively easy.
  • Burn Time: Oak wood burns for a moderate to long duration.
  • Heat: Produces hot flames.
  • Aroma: Offers a pleasant scent.
  • Brightness: Gives off a bright flame.
  • Emissions: Fewer emissions compared to cherry wood.
  • Insects: Kiln drying removes pests.
  • Mold: Kiln drying eliminates mold.

Where Does Oak Firewood Come From?

Oak, a hardwood native to the Northern Hemisphere, boasts nearly 450 species, with about 90 found in North America. Red Oak and White Oak are the most common species, each offering unique characteristics.


Effective storage is crucial for maintaining low moisture content and ensuring an optimal burn. Our meticulously designed shipping boxes and Firewood Racks elevate functionality and beauty, promoting proper air circulation. Whether you opt for indoor or outdoor storage, our solutions guarantee the longevity of your firewood while adding an elegant touch.

Kiln-Dried Oak Firewood Packages

Elevate your fire-setting game with our specially curated packages, tailored to complement our premium kiln dried firewood. These thoughtfully assembled bundles provide everything you need for the perfect fire. Discover the offerings in each package, designed for different crate sizes, and redefine your fire experience.

Kiln-Dried Oak Firewood Packages

1. Standard Package:

  • Firewood Crates: 1 Standard Crate
  • Kindling: 2 Boxes

2. Large Package:

  • Firewood Crates: 1 Large Crate
  • Kindling: 3 Boxes

3. Extra Large Package:

  • Firewood Crates: 1 Extra Large Crate
  • Kindling: 4 Boxes

All Crates:

  • Log Length: 25cm (+/- 2cm) / 9.8” (+/- 1”)
  • Log Diameter: 80% with a max diameter between 80mm and 150mm
  • Moisture Content: Average moisture content below 20%

Our crates offer exceptional value, with 1m3 of stacked firewood roughly equivalent to 1.7m3 of a loosely filled bulk bag. Moreover, the kiln-dried crate can be repurposed and burned after the logs are used.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Oak Logs

 – Can Oak Firewood be Used in Fire Pits?

Oak firewood is indeed suitable for fire pits. Its dense nature and slow-burning characteristics make it an excellent choice for creating a long-lasting and consistent fire. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the oak logs are appropriately sized for your fire pit, promoting efficient burning and a cozy outdoor atmosphere.

 – How Does Oak Compare to Hickory for Smoking?

Both oak and hickory are popular choices for smoking, each imparting distinct flavors to grilled or smoked foods. Oak tends to offer a milder, versatile smokiness, making it suitable for a wide range of meats. Hickory, on the other hand, provides a stronger and more robust flavor, often preferred for heartier meats like pork and beef. The choice between oak and hickory ultimately depends on your personal taste preferences and the specific dish you’re preparing.

– Is Oak Suitable for Indoor Fireplaces?

Oak is generally suitable for indoor fireplaces, given its low moisture content and efficient burning properties. However, it’s essential to use well-seasoned oak firewood to minimize creosote buildup and ensure a clean burn. Additionally, regular chimney maintenance is crucial to prevent potential safety hazards. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your fireplace and consider consulting with a professional chimney sweep for expert advice.

– Does Oak Firewood Produce Sparks?

While oak firewood is known for producing fewer sparks compared to softwoods, it’s not entirely spark-free. Factors such as the wood’s dryness, the presence of knots, and the overall quality of the firewood can influence spark production. To minimize sparks, use well-seasoned oak, and avoid burning wood with high moisture content. Additionally, using a mesh spark guard can further enhance safety when enjoying a fire.

– What’s the Ideal Moisture Content for Oak Firewood?

The ideal moisture content for oak firewood is generally below 20%. Well-seasoned firewood burns more efficiently, producing less smoke and creosote. Use a moisture meter to assess the moisture content of your oak logs. If the wood is too wet, it will be challenging to ignite, and the resulting fire will be smoky and inefficient. Properly seasoned oak ensures a cleaner burn and maximizes the heat output.

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